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"Could This Be The Quickest Way To

Generate High Quality Leads That Arrive Ready To Buy?"

This Same Tweak Seems To Be Generating An Immediate Spike Of Buyers For Almost Everyone Who Tries It

Without Spending A Single Penny On Ads...

There Are Two Unspoken Challenges Facing All Online Businesses...

...A Gap Between The Real World And The Desired World
And We've Decided To Fix It

After years of selling online courses via referral partnerships, we've realised that there is a massive gap between those who focus on lead generation and those who focus on buyer generation.

Lead generators often end up spending hours creating content to nurture their leads, 'hoping' that sooner or later they'll buy. Often they don't!

Buyer generators focus only on a method that draws in the highest quality leads who are ready to buy.

This is the real world gap and we're on a mission to fix it.

Inside our courses people get results. It's not just the training materials and high quality leads, it's the intentional blend of training PLUS encouragement, support and community - all crafted to produce an experience that motivates, inspires and pulls you towards your goals.

But then there's another problem...

When people venture out on their own, progress becomes much slower. People lose focus, get easily discouraged and worst case, give up - all because they aren't in an environment built for success.

That's when we had the thought...

Let's Double Down On What Really Works And...

...Bring The Magic Of Our Courses Into An Affordable Online Community Where Ambitious Entrepreneurs Can Discover How To Generate High Quality Leads That Are Ready To Buy

Want Bigger And Faster Results In Your Business...
...Keep Reading

Basically you need three things to grow a business:  

Number One: A source of high quality leads that are ready to buy.

Number Two: A great product that delivers on its' promise.

Number Three: A supportive community of like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs who just "get it".

Now, I can't help you with Number Two. If your product isn't great you should stop reading now and go and fix it.

However, if your product is great then read on... you, my friend, are absolutely in the right place!

I get it... you're frustrated with not making the sales you feel you should.

We're here to help you build a list of buyers... not a list of opted in enquirers.

You see, no other traffic source converts buyers faster and easier than referred leads.

NOT Facebook, NOT Instagram, NOT Youtube, NOT LinkedIn, NOT Google Ads and NOT Pinterest!  

None of them generate the same 'ready to buy' leads as referrals.

Referred leads are often pre-sold and come 'ready to buy'.

And yet most people spend the majority of their time on strategies that gamble away their money on ads campaigns 'hoping' their opt-ins will eventually buy.

Sound familiar?

The Referral Hub is focussed on helping you fix it once and for all and start making quick, sustainable and profitable progress.

Whether you are just starting out and looking to attract a predictable flow of high quality leads (that actually buy!), or you are more advanced and looking to scale to 1,000's of sales a month, we have you covered.

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Real stories, from real people, with real results.

"It's helped me overcome the technical challenges that were holding me back."

Marika Messager

Founder and CEO of ConsciousLeadership.Org and Highly Accredited Leadership Expert.

"We went from £12,000 per month with zero profit to £206,000 per month and lots of profit!"

Toby Brooks

Founder of Brooks Automotive Group global distributors of classic cars and vintage parts.

"The very first time we worked with Phillip Gibbs, we made £252,000 in just 4 days."

Shaa Wasmund MBE

Award Winning Entrepreneur, three times No.1 Best Selling Author and Online Course Creator.

We know there are loads of success stories out there and we want you to be one of them.

We know there are loads of success stories out there and we want you to be one of them.

"Nothing influences people more than a recommendation. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message."

Mark Zuckerberg

The Referral Hub Is More Than Just A Membership

It's A Collaboration Club Too

THIS is where YOU begin getting out of your own way and start tapping into your full potential.

AND you start to accomplish more than you have in years of trying on your own.

Just Think How A Single Referral Partnership Could Change Things For You?

What would happen if you started getting 1 referral each and every week?

That's 52 high quality 'ready to buy' leads a year.

On average our Referral Method™ students receive 5 referrals each week. That's 260 'ready to buy' leads per year.

It's a game changer...even if you're just starting out!

That's Why The Referral Hub Is Not Just A Membership

So What Exactly Is It?

It's definitely NOT a whole bunch more stuff you've got to study before you start seeing results.

Success doesn't come from constant learning. It comes from implementing.

Deborah Meaden once said to me "Phillip, money in the bank never comes after planning, it only comes after doing." A quote that hit home and has been the foundation of all I've achieved.

So, I've made sure The Referral Hub is THE place for freedom loving business owners to stay focussed, and collaborate with hundreds of other business owners who “get it”. 

A community who appreciate that generating more high quality referrals is the fastest and easiest way to grow (and the lowest risk too!).

Inside The Referral Hub you get access to the tools, strategies and tactics to help you start, run and scale your referral partnerships FASTER and EASIER.


It's access to the knowledge and clarity you need to succeed... month after month!

It's the focus, motivation and confidence for unstoppable progress.

It's access to best practice examples for more lightbulb moments and bigger results!

It's the growth experience and accountability ecosystem for winning momentum.

It's an unrivalled community of pre-qualified members looking to create long term referral partnerships.

It's personal responses from me to help you overcome your challenges, helping you move forward much faster.

It's immediate 24/7 access to expert knowledge, shortcuts, insider tips and tricks, so you never feel stuck.

And It's Not Just Me!


Here's What I Know...


Why? Because all it takes is one idea, one connection, one partnership and everything can change real fast!

With the compounding nature of referrals one idea can easily multiply into many partnerships.

The Referral Hub is hands down the best way to stay connected to a community of like-minded people, the perfect place to see what other business owners are doing to skyrocket their success - and how you can do it too.

This will quickly become one of the most valuable investments in your business because of the return it will produce month after month.

This is an incredible community and if you’re serious about building a thriving flow of high quality referrals (which are quick and easy to convert!) then there’s no better place to be.

And when you join, you'll be locked in at the DISCOUNTED rate of...


(and it's even less with the annual option!)

The Referral Hub will grow bigger and better every year and as the value increases, so will the price.

Join us today and you'll lock in your discount. That means you get rewarded with savings every single month just because you joined now.

Here's What I Know...


The Referral Hub is going to be one of your no-brainer investments of the year.


Because all it takes is ONE referral partner to help you sell a few more courses, memberships, subscriptions or products. That's it.

You're instantly going to see a return.

Let me ask you this...

Do you think being immersed in The Referral Hub and our incredible community will spark at least one new partnership that will produce just a few more sales?

Of course!

And you're going to get MANY more than just one.

So much can happen during the course of a year and I can't wait to witness the growth you'll experience during the next 12 months and beyond.

What will YOUR life look like in just 1 year from now?


No social chat screenshot here! Real stories, from real people, with real results.

"It's the best of everything. Phil's so willing to share his knowledge and expertise to help me win too."

Karen Kissane

Award Winning Business Coach and founder of the Smart Womens Business Hub

"Phil's support was instrumental to helping with our largest launch where we did $850,000 in just over a week."

Dr. Mark Wade

Creator of Virtual Summit Software and founder of the Hustle & Scale Community

"You gave me the confidence to get out there and share what we're doing with the world. The first launch of my first course did just over $40,000 which was incredible!"

Perry Power

Founder of Power Bespoke and coach to the UK's most successful Estate Agencies

"Phillip really helped me out of a tight spot. I had loads of people wanting to share my course but my systems weren't set up to cope. Phillip's advice was a total lifesaver!"

Suzanne Dibble

Founder of the Small Business Legal Academy and author of GDPR For Dummies

Commit To The Process...


The Referral Hub is your pathway to gaining the knowledge and motivation you need to attract new referral partners that drive profits... all in a self-paced, supportive setting, backed by a community of like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs.


Learn It > Do It > Watch It > Scale It

If you're serious about wanting faster, easier and more predictable growth then you must come and join us because there is no better place for you to be.


A Predictable Flow of High Quality Leads which arrive Ready To Buy

Here's A Look At What You'll Get Access To Every Month...


It's time to make the progress you deserve and start attracting high quality referred leads which are quick and easy to convert.

Let's avoid the overwhelm and frustration of trying to make paid advertising work, whilst you gamble your hard earned cash away.

With the help of The Referral Method™ Training you’ll unlock the exact step-by-step strategies to make more progress and more sales faster than you ever thought possible.

Each month we'll walk you through training videos, exclusive how-to guides, templates and more - all designed to make launching, growing and scaling your referral marketing channel a breeze!


Implementation is the key to success... and the key to you achieving your goals.

Because when you implement what you’ve learned here success is inevitable.

The Referral Hub Coaching will give you confidence to get out there and do it.

I get it... sometimes we need help getting out of our own way so we can start seeing the results we deserve.

The Referral Hub Coaching is all about implementation - if you're not progressing we're going to help you figure out why and fix it!

Building a business can be lonely and sometimes very challenging. But having the support of like-minded people who “get it” makes ALL the difference.

As well as the monthly coaching, you’ll also have an amazing accountability ecosystem of your peers and my team. PLUS the tools, strategies and resources to help you start, run and scale your referral partnerships FASTER and EASIER!


Over the past 12 years, I've personally set up and scaled referral partnership programs with approaching 100 different companies.

Early on I realised that some of the best ideas and strategies come from watching other businesses in entirely different industries.

So, I wanted to integrate this here for you too.

Each month, I'll be diving into programs from within my network covering all industries, sharing the cool ideas and tactics that are working for them, that you can easily deploy too.

Cool, right? 


Sometimes we're so close to our business that we can't see the wood for the trees...

...worse still, we often can't see the opportunities that are right in front of us and easy to integrate.

That's why I will be jumping in every month and sharing my first-hand experience with you, so you can quickly start attracting high quality referred leads, easily convert them to sales and cash in your bank account!

I've been told on many occasions "Phillip, you have a natural talent for spotting partnership and growth opportunities." I guess that's handy given what I do!

So, within The Referral Hub Mentoring I want to get to know you, your business and your goals, so I can help you build long-term referral partnerships that take advantage of this win-win marketing technique.


This is your chance to connect with others, seek out collaborations, ask questions and get feedback from your talented peers, who are in the trenches growing their business too.

Every week we'll host sessions where our fellow business owners can bring and share opportunities, expertise, experiences, strategies and tactics so that we are all stronger together.

The Collaboration Club will be THE online collective of people who appreciate the power of referral partnerships and know how to run them correctly.

When it comes to getting clarity and bouncing ideas off others who "get it" and "understand it", you'll never feel lost or left behind.

These are the types of things that make us better and stronger together. So come meet your fellow members, share ideas, opportunities, challenges and insights, so we all keep the momentum moving to make even more progress together!


I want you to know that I am here for you, supported by my team and my contacts.

We don't hide once the sale is made. In fact, quite the opposite, we're here to help you make progress and get REAL results.

That's why I'll be available every week to tackle your toughest questions so you keep moving forward.

Every Thursday you'll be able to send me your questions via text, voicemail or video and I'll shoot you a personal video reply.

Inside The Referral Hub we've seamlessly integrated a Q&A feature that will blow your mind, making it easier than ever before to overcome challenges and make progress.


AND just in case the weekly ONE-TO-ONE Q&A's aren't enough you'll also have easy 24/7 access to a rapidly growing library of previously recorded video Q&A's.

Simply type your question into the Video Answer Vault, hit search and you'll be taken to the exact spot in a video where I've previously answered this question.

Cool right?

The Video Answer Vault is an all-in-one solution that gets you instant answers with a simple search. You'll always have answers when you need them!

Looking for ways to research more partners? The Video Answer Vault can help with that.

Maybe you just need some partner motivation ideas? The Video Answer Vault can help with that too.

This feature alone will help you make even more progress because finding answers to your toughest challenges can be done in a matter of seconds.

Have questions? Search for answers.

And you'll NEVER get "stuck" again!


Joining An Absolute No Brainer...

...just a couple of referrals and you'll be in PROFIT!

So here’s the recap


‘Learn It’ Training

The knowledge and clarity you need to succeed... month after month!

‘Do It’ Coaching

The focus and motivation for unstoppable progress and confidence.

‘Watch It’ Insights

The best practice examples for more lightbulb moments and bigger results!

‘Scale It’ Mentoring

The growth experience and accountability ecosystem for winning momentum.

Collaboration Club

An unrivalled community of pre-qualified members looking to create long term referral partnerships.

Q&A 1:1

Personal responses to your exact challenge, helping you clarify, overcome and move forward much faster.

Q&A Video Vault

Immediate 24/7 access to expert knowledge, shortcuts, insider tips and tricks, so you never feel stuck.

Your Referral Hub Membership Includes:

  • 'Learn It' Training > $97 Value
  • '​Do It' Coaching > $297 Value
  • ​'Watch It' Insights > $297 Value
  • ​'Scale It' Mentoring > $499 Value
  • The Collaboration Club > $49 Value
  • Q&A 1:1 > $99 Value
  • ​O&A Video Answer Vault > $49 Value

All this for the DISCOUNTED Rate of only $67 a month!


The Referral Hub will grow bigger and better every year. As the value increases, so will the price.


membership will soon increase to $97 per month

It's the best decision you'll make this year!


"It get's even better!"

"We truly love what we've created for you inside The Referral Hub.

So much so, that we're offering a 7 day 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If, for any reason you decide this is not right for you, you have 7 days to let us know. We'll offer you a complete 100% refund on your first months investment.

Just email my Liz on:

We'll pop the money straight back into your bank account, no questions, just doing business as it should be done."

Wait, I’ve Got Questions


Will I have access to Phil?
Yes! You'll have time with Phil in a group setting, as well as his world class team, incredible network of entrepreneurs, designers, funnel builders, marketers and social media experts. PLUS access to Phillip's lawyers and accountants too.
Is there a schedule for content inside The Referral Hub?
Of course, each month is dedicated to helping you progress through The Referral Hub Success Pathway, as highlighted in the opening video.

Every Monday we will send you a "What's on this week." email.

Tuesday's are the training days when we share one of the following:

1st Tuesday of the month - release the 'Learn It' Video Training

2nd Tuesday of the month - release the 'Do It' Coaching Training

3rd Tuesday of the month - share the 'Watch It' Insights Session

4th Tuesday of the month - hold the live 'Scale It' Mentoring Calls

Every Wednesday we'll be hosting The Collaboration Club.

Every Thursday Phillip will be responding to your questions with the One-To-One Q&A's.

On one Friday each month we'll be sharing the Guest Masterclass Interviews via a web conference.

PLUS... you have 24/7 access to collaborate with your peers in the community and the Q&A Video Vault too!
I haven't launched my referral program yet is this really right for me?
No matter the stage you are in, if you are serious about launching and scaling a referral partnership program, there is no better place for you to be. The Referral Hub will give you the tools and resources to help you launch your referral marketing channel much faster. Plus, you'll have access to our community that will help you break through any roadblocks that get in your way.
When does enrolment close? 
Enrolment at this DISCOUNTED rate is planned to close soon. After this time the price will increase to $97 per month.
When does enrolment re-open? 
To be honest, we're not sure. Right now is the only opportunity there will ever be to lock in this discounted rate of $67 per month, or $47 per month with the annual plan.
If I cancel can I join later at the same rate? 
I think you already know the answer to this. No I'm afraid not, the pricing is only for members with continual membership.
What are my payment options? 
The DISCOUNTED Price (only available at the moment) is $67 month or just $47 per month on the annual plan (saving $240 yr.)
How long is the commitment? 
If you're committed to yourself and your business, the way to get the most out of The Referral Hub is to give yourself a year in the program. This is an ongoing commitment, but you can cancel your membership at any time by emailing at least 10 business days before your next billing. If you pay the annual rate and choose to cancel before your yearly payment, we will pro rata your fee at the monthly rate within 10 business days of your request.
Does The Price Include Tax? 
The price you see is the price you will pay and does not include any element of tax.

The Referral Hub is a trading name of Business Accelerator (UAE) LLC a company registered in the United Arab Emirates.
I have other questions how can I get answers? 
You have two options:

Click the "Talk To Me" image in the bottom right hand corner and send me a direct message. I'll reply within a few hours (assuming I'm not asleep!)

Email with *Referral Hub Membership Question* in the subject line.

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